Driver Could Face Additional Charges in Fatal Car Accident

During a preliminary investigation, a driver can be cited with one traffic violation, but as the investigation progresses, additional citations and/or charges may be filed depending on the circumstances. The Louisiana State Police, or another local law enforcement agency, may determine at a later time that the actions of a driver were criminal. For example, a driver involved in a recent fatal car accident has so far only been charged with carelessly operating his vehicle, but additional charges are not out of the question.

Around 9:30 p.m., the Louisiana State Police received notification of a single-car accident that occurred on U.S. Highway 61. When they arrived, they discovered a 21-year-old man who was partially thrown from the vehicle. He succumbed to his injuries there at the scene. The 24-year-old driver only suffered minor injuries.

The preliminary investigation indicates that the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle. It ran off the road, slammed into a culvert and began flipping until it finally came to a stop on its roof. A toxicology sample from the driver was being analyzed at last report. Officials anticipate that additional charges could be filed against him.

In the meantime, the family of the passenger who lost his life in this fatal car accident retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the driver. Where prosecutors must prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the family only needs to show that the driver’s action caused or contributed to the death of their loved one. If they prevail in doing so, the court could award the family monetary damages that could help alleviate their financial burdens brought on by this tragedy.