The Dangers of Auto Pedestrian Accidents

While walking is an inherently safe activity for millions of Americans, many pedestrians on sidewalks or roadways have a higher risk of injury or death. Although pedestrians only make up approximately 10% of travelers, they account for 14% of all traffic fatalities. With over 4,500 pedestrians killed in auto pedestrian accidents each year, walking to school, work, or just taking a Sunday stroll, could have catastrophic consequences.

How Do Auto Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

It is a motorist’s responsibility to be in control of their vehicle at all times, but for a variety of reasons, motorists do not always do so. One of the most common causes of auto pedestrian accidents is driver distraction. Passengers, multitasking, and particularly cell phone usage can easily distract drivers. Any time a driver takes their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel, people could get hurt. Driving under the influence also poses a significant threat to pedestrians, as limited reaction times and impaired judgment greatly increase the likelihood of an accident.

Who Is Most At Risk?

While anyone could be a victim in an auto pedestrian accident, the elderly and children are most at risk. Because the elderly are often unable to move quickly out of the way, they account for a larger number of auto pedestrian accident injuries and fatalities than other adults. Children also have a substantially higher risk of auto pedestrian accidents. Because of their size, many drivers may not see children on the road or in their mirrors. Children are also usually less familiar with traffic rules and pedestrian safety, making them extremely vulnerable.

What Makes Auto Pedestrian Accidents So Dangerous?

Auto pedestrian accidents have a higher fatality rate than other motor vehicle accidents because pedestrians have no protection from the impact of a vehicle. With thousands of pounds of force behind them, even slow moving vehicles can cause devastating injuries and even death.

Lake Charles Auto Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

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