Costa Concordia Maritime Accident May Lead to Stricter Regulations

As many Lake Charles residents will recall, the Costa Concordia — a cruise ship owned by a subsidiary of Carnival Corp. — capsized off of the coast of Tuscany in mid-January. The maritime accident resulted in 17 confirmed deaths and an additional 15 people left missing. Purportedly, the ship’s captain ran the vessel ashore near the island of Giglio; the ship was ripped open by rocks, and it eventually capsized.

A number of survivors of the shipwreck and their families are embarking on lawsuits seeking compensation for their losses. According to a Thomson Reuters news report, Costa Cruises — the Carnival subsidiary company that owns the ship — offered the survivors of the maritime accident less than $15,000 each. Some believe the amount to be disrespectful, given the magnitude of the disaster.

So, how might these occurrences affect residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana? For starters, insurance companies will likely demand an increase in safety and training protocols for maritime staff, while implementing tighter regulations on the maritime industry as a whole. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation into the tragic accident, it is safe to say that the insurance company for Carnival Cruise Lines will be faced with some decisions. Reportedly, Carnival Corp. will lose up to $175 million in profits as a result of the incident, and it anticipates future effects as well.

No amount of reparation can replace the loss a loved one when tragedy strikes. However, the law provides that those who find themselves victimized by accidents like this are entitled to seek compensation for pain and suffering. An in-depth knowledge of the law can prove a substantial benefit in the wake of a painfully difficult situation.