Community Pulls Together After Fatal Car Accident in Louisiana

When a tragedy occurs in a small city, it tends to touch the lives of a large number of its residents. Under these circumstances, the community often pulls together to help each other, the victims and their families through their grief. This is what is reportedly happening in a small Louisiana city after one teen was lost and three others were injured in a fatal car accident.

Four local students — two age 17, one age 12 and one age 16 — were traveling east on a roadway in the area near a school when the driver lost control of the vehicle. It then careened off the roadway and slammed into an embankment, which caused the vehicle to roll and crash into a tree. The 16-year-old, who was a passenger, died because of the injuries he suffered in the impact. The other three teens survived, but suffered a variety of moderate injuries, including broken bones and lacerations. Authorities report that their injuries were not life threatening.

When word of the crash spread, one student left the school and ran to the scene. Other students waited until the bell rang, and rushed to the Shreveport hospital where the three injured victims were taken. At last report, officials were still conducting the investigation into the accident to determine exactly what happened.

As hard as this tragic fatal car accident is on the community at large, the families of the victims are undoubtedly suffering even more. For the family of the deceased passenger and the injured juveniles, expenses are also mounting with each passing day. They retain the right to file civil actions against in a Louisiana court in an attempt to receive restitution for those financial losses. Successfully establishing negligence on the part of the driver could lead to an award of damages that could help defray these unexpected losses.