Cause of Motorcycle Vs. Auto Accident Still Under Investigation

One of the most dangerous maneuvers any driver faces on an Interstate is merging with traffic.  If a driver does not properly time the entrance onto the highway, the consequences could be disastrous.  Over the years, many Louisiana auto accident victims suffered serious injury or death during such a collision.

Police in northern Louisiana recently responded to a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle at the interchange between Interstate 20 and Interstate 49.  The southbound motorcycle was in the process of merging from Interstate 20 onto Interstate 49 when it somehow struck the back of the passenger car.  The collision threw the driver and passenger of the motorcycle onto the roadway.

Both the motorcycle driver and his passenger suffered significant injuries.  When officers with the Shreveport Police Department arrived, they discovered that the 50-year-old driver was deceased.  His passenger, also 50, was still alive and is currently in an area hospital in critical condition. She has a different last name that the motorcycle driver, though no further details were divulged.

The driver of the passenger car did not suffer any injuries in the crash.  A blood sample was taken from the 47-year-old woman to determine whether she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.  The accident is still under investigation since the cause of the wreck was not readily discernible from the scene.

As the official investigation continues, the Louisiana woman seriously injured in this motorcycle vs. auto accident is undoubtedly incurring considerable medical expenses and may be sustaining a substantial loss of income.  The monetary damages she is incurring could only increase as she struggles to recover from her injuries.  Fortunately, she retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for her injuries.  A successful claim could result in an award of financial damages that may help alleviate the economic burdens she faces.