Car Wreck on Louisiana Highway 378 Leaves 1 Dead

Most people on Louisiana highways strive to be attentive while driving. However, that obviously doesn’t stop accidents from happening. Drivers often become too comfortable with their ability to drive and sometimes their attention is diverted. When drivers are distracted, they are not giving their full attention to the road, and the potential for a car wreck increases.

A Longville man may have been distracted when he pulled onto Louisiana Highway 378 from a stop sign right into the path of a Ford F-350 on July 6. As a result, the Ford slammed into the driver’s side of the Longville man’s Mazda 626. Even though both drivers were wearing their seat belts, the Longville man’s injuries were fatal, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Ford was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Authorities are still investigating what caused the accident and are looking into whether either driver was impaired at the time of the accident. Whether one of the drivers was impaired could give an explanation for this accident and help authorities determine which driver was ultimately responsible. The outcome of the investigation won’t bring back the Longville man, but it may at least give the families affected by this accident some answers.

Both families now have to pick up the pieces this fatal car wreck has left behind. There are expenses such as property damage, medical bills, funeral expenses, and the like that have to be dealt with even while grieving. The uncertainty of the outcome of this investigation only adds to the stress these families may feel. While it is too early to assess whether a wrongful death action based on a claim of negligence is appropriate, the other driver — as well as the family of the deceased victim — may benefit from taking the time to be advised of their rights and responsibilities under Louisiana law.