Car Wreck in Lake Charles Kills 1, Leaves 1 in Critical Condition

Being a passenger in a car imparts a lot of responsibility on the driver, since the passenger trusts that the driver will get them to their destination safely. Unfortunately, sometimes that trust is misplaced. Other times, even when the driver does everything right, there are still things that can go wrong. The passengers involved in a recent car wreck in Lake Charles may have misplaced their trust in the driver, although that possible conclusion may have to await the results of the pending investigation.

The accident occurred while a Dodge Caliber was following behind a tow truck around 4 a.m. on Interstate 10. The Dodge ended up rear-ending the tow truck. The driver of the tow truck was not injured, and the driver of the Dodge suffered only minor injuries. But the impact of the accident killed the frontseat passenger in the car and sent the backseat passenger to the hospital. The backseat passenger is listed in critical condition.

Authorities in Lake Charles are still investigating the accident. As part of that investigation, authorities obtained blood alcohol tests on both drivers, and those results are pending. Whether any charges will be filed as a result of the investigation remains to be seen.

In the meantime, two families have been turned upside down. One family must bury a loved one, and the other faces an uncertain future as their loved one fights to survive. When the dust settles and the official investigation is complete, the families may consider whether to file civil action against the party or parties deemed to be responsible in this tragic car wreck. Medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages and other expenses associated with accidents have a way of adding up quickly. A wrongful death action or a personal injury claim won’t erase the events of that day, but a successful result may help those involved prevent a personal tragedy from becoming a financial one as well.