Car Wreck Claims Life of 15-Year-Old Boy From Greenwood

Navigating busy Louisiana roads can be a challenge for even experienced drivers. Distractions such as cellphones and weather conditions often add to the chance that a person will be involved in a car wreck. And when the person injured is a passenger, they often are helpless to do much more than watch as catastrophe unfolds. Unfortunately, a similar scenario happened recently on Louisiana roads.

A 15-year-old boy died on April 7 after a two-car wreck in Greenwood, and the young teenager was later pronounced dead at LSU Hospital. Reportedly, he was a passenger in a car attempting to make a left-hand turn at the intersection of Greenwood Road and West 70th Street. As the car turned, it collided with an SUV that was turning onto the road, resulting in the fatal car wreck. There were no reports of injuries to other drivers or passengers, though police are likely continuing to investigate the cause of the car wreck.

The family of the deceased teen has surely suffered an immense loss. No compensation by any court could even begin to make them truly whole again. However, Louisiana law does permit surviving family to pursue a claim for wrongful death when it appears a fatality was caused by the negligent act of another.

While it is too early to know precisely what caused this car wreck, official accident reports can be useful in determining if someone was at fault in a crash. This review can offer them the opportunity to determine whether or not a wrongful death claim is appropriate.