Auto Accident on U.S. 90 Kills Louisiana Man

A trooper with the Louisiana State Police recently took the opportunity to remind drivers in the state that being distracted or failing to pay attention while driving is the most often cited cause of accidents. The pattern of traffic around a vehicle can change in mere seconds. If a driver is not prepared, an auto accident could be the result.

Inattentive or distracted driving may be a factor in a recent crash to which the Louisiana State police responded around 5:55 a.m. The preliminary investigation revealed that two vehicles were heading in opposite directions on U.S. 90. Something caused the driver of the westbound vehicle to stray into the eastbound lane. The unsuspecting driver of the second vehicle had no time to get out of the way. The westbound car hit that vehicle head-on, spun and hit a third vehicle.

The 53-year-old driver believed to be at-fault for the accident died during the impact. The driver of the vehicle hit head-on suffered injuries described as moderate and was taken to a hospital in the area for treatment. The third driver was also taken to an area hospital, suffering from minor injuries.

Whether authorities are able to determine what caused the deceased driver to veer into oncoming traffic is not necessary in order to establish negligence on his part in a personal injury case. The moderately injured driver may be able to satisfy a Louisiana court that the deceased driver was negligent and his actions were the proximate cause of the crash and the survivors’ injuries. If so, the court may award damages typically ordered in auto accident cases.