Alcohol Suspected in Car Wreck That Killed 1

Regardless of how often drivers are told that getting behind the wheel after drinking is dangerous, some Louisiana residents continue to do so. Those drivers put the lives of everyone on the roadways in danger, including their passengers. Due to the fact that an individual makes a conscious decision to drive after drinking, any car wreck resulting from that choice is usually considered to be preventable.

A 36-year-old man who allegedly got behind the wheel of his vehicle after drinking may have prevented the accident he is accused of causing. Officials report that he ran a red light and crashed into a pickup truck. The man considered at fault did not suffer any serious injuries.

However, during the impact, the 35-year-old passenger in the pickup truck flew out of the sunroof and landed in the street. He succumbed to the injuries he suffered there at the scene. The driver of the pickup survived the crash, but suffered severe injuries. At last report, he remained hospitalized in critical condition.

A witness reported that the pickup was already in the intersection when it was T-boned. New Orleans police say that the accused driver’s blood alcohol content was determined to be .12, which is over the legal limit here in Louisiana. He was book on suspicion of vehicular homicide.

The family of the deceased passenger and the other driver also retain the right to file civil actions against the man. If prosecutors secure a conviction in connection with this car wreck, it could be used as evidence of negligence in civil court. Any restitution received could help reduce the financial impact the accident caused the victims and their families.