A Truck Accident Can Be Caused By Exceeding Weight Limits

Many Louisiana readers may be aware that the trucking industry is heavily regulated. One important regulation concerns how much weight a truck can carry. This is because exceeding weight limits can lead to a truck accident. Unfortunately, deadlines and the pressure to deliver cargo in a timely manner can cause trucking companies to ignore the weight restrictions and put innocent motorists and their passengers at risk.

When a truck is carrying more cargo than it should, it can take even longer to stop. However, that is not the only danger an overweight truck poses. If the cargo shifts, the truck can tip over or jackknife. Further, excess weight puts a strain on the mechanical and safety components of a truck such as the brakes.

If you or a member of your family were involved in a truck accident, it would be beneficial to enlist the services of a Louisiana attorney as soon as possible. Because of the complexity of these types of cases, it makes good sense to contact an attorney who is familiar with the regulations governing the trucking industry and truck accident cases. An independent investigation can be conducted in order to determine whether any state or federal regulations were violated that could have been a factor in the crash, including the weight of the truck.

Serious injuries can mean a long recovery during which you are incurring a significant amount of lost income, medical expenses and other damages. If you lost a loved one to a truck accident, the unexpected costs associated with laying a family member to rest are expensive. In addition, other economic losses may occur when a family member dies. Depending upon the gathered evidence, you may be entitled to restitution from the driver, the trucking company and possibly others. You are under no obligation to accept a settlement from anyone without first seeking your own counsel to evaluate the case, make recommendations and represent your best interests.