A Minor Truck Accident Leads to the Death of a Louisiana Man

A minor accident between two trucks on U.S. Highway 190 in Louisiana became the scene of a horrific accident. After that truck accident, one of the drivers was struck by a third vehicle not involved in the first accident. Authorities do not suspect that anyone involved in either of the accidents was impaired at the time.

Two Freightliner tractor trailers were headed eastbound on U.S. Highway 190 early one morning on the Friday before Christmas. When the driver of the first Freightliner slowed to make a left hand, the tractor trailer that was trailing behind rear ended the first truck. This first accident caused minor damage to both trucks.

The driver of the first truck was in the process of placing warning triangles on the roadway in order to alert other vehicles to the accident. While he was doing so, a vehicle heading eastbound struck him. He suffered severe injuries and was taken to Baton Rouge General Mid-City Hospital. Despite the efforts of medical personnel at the hospital, the driver’s injuries were too severe and caused his death.

As part of the ongoing investigation into the truck accident and the crash that followed, toxicology samples have been sent to the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab. The family of the driver that died has the right to file a wrongful death action based upon evidence of negligence that is deemed to have caused the fatality. If liability is established to the court’s satisfaction in a civil action, the court will consider claims for monetary damages sustained as a result of the tragedy.