A Driver May Not Always Be the Cause of An Auto Accident

Each year, numerous accidents throughout the country — including some here in Louisiana — are not caused by a vehicle’s driver. Instead, some are due to animals running out into roadways, and others are caused by natural disasters, but passengers may cause some accidents. For example, the driver most likely was not the cause of one single-auto accident on Jan. 10, 2015.

As the vehicle traveled east at approximately 1:40 p.m., the passenger, who was a man from Lake Charles, suddenly grabbed the steering wheel. The 24-year-old driver of the car was not able to maintain control. The vehicle then went off the roadway and slammed into a building.

The driver suffered injuries that threatened her life, and she was taken to a hospital in Baton Rouge where the accident had taken place. Whether she is still hospitalized, and her current condition, are not known. The 22-year-old passenger who is believed to have caused the crash suffered severe injuries that ultimately led to his death on Jan. 22, 2015, almost two weeks after the crash took place.

The investigation into the auto accident is ongoing. Police believe that synthetic marijuana could be a factor in the crash, but they do not say whether one or both parties were using it at the time. This case is not typical, in that the driver may be able to file a personal injury claim against the estate of the passenger. If the driver establishes negligence on the passenger’s part to the satisfaction of a Louisiana court, she may be awarded damages. However, any award could be reduced by any percentage of liability attributed to her by the court.