21-year-old’s Life Ends in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

During the summer months, there seem to be more motorcycles on Louisiana’s roadways. With that increase in riders comes a corresponding increase in the possibility of a serious or fatal motorcycle accident. Recently, a 21-year-old man lost his life in an accident while he was a passenger on the back of a motorcycle.

He and the 18-year-old driver were heading west on Louisiana 46. At the same time, a pickup truck driven by a 27-year-old man was heading east. At an intersection, the pickup initiated a left turn in front of the motorcycle. At approximately 9:15 p.m., the motorcycle collided with the pickup.

Both of the men were thrown off the motorcycle. When emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, both the driver and passenger were still alive, but had suffered serious injuries. Both were rushed to LSU Interim Hospital in New Orleans for treatment. At last report, the driver remained in critical condition. His passenger, however, died from his injuries.

The pickup driver was tested for impairment, but troopers with the Louisiana State Police do not believe it to be a factor in the crash. The riders were not wearing helmets and, reportedly, the motorcycle’s lights were not on when the crash occurred. It is not known whether any charges are being contemplated against either driver in connection with the crash or the passenger’s death.

Regardless, the family of the passenger killed in this fatal motorcycle accident may file a wrongful death claim against one or both drivers in an attempt to achieve restitution for the financial losses incurred because of the loss of their loved one. Moreover, the motorcycle’s driver may be able receive some restitution for his injuries as well. Even if he is found partially liable for the crash and his injuries, he is not barred from recovery under Louisiana law so long as he is not found to be 100 percent responsible.