2 Louisiana Men Dead After Motorcycle Versus Car Wreck

As many Louisiana residents know, being involved in an accident can be devastating. When the same accident is a motorcycle vs. car wreck, the results can be fatal and completely devastate a family. The vulnerability of motorcycle riders makes any accident they are involved in potentially that much worse.

For instance, a head on collision between two cars is sometimes survivable, but the probability of the accident being fatal increases dramatically when one of the vehicles is a motorcycle. The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office knows this all too well. They are currently investigating a head on collision between a car and motorcycle that left the driver and passenger of the motorcycle dead.

The accident occurred when a motorcycle headed west on Quarter Pole Road in Acadia Parish was hit head on by a car going east. One of the motorcycle riders was pronounced dead at the scene while the other succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. The driver of the car suffered non-life threatening injuries. Louisiana authorities say that no charges have as yet been filed, but they are pending the results of the investigation.

While the families of the victims await the results of the investigation, they are left to bury their loved ones. When a life is cut short in a car wreck, families are never prepared for such a sudden, violent loss. As they struggle to come to terms with what occurred, they retain the right to file a wrongful death action against the driver of the car if the evidence confirms the deaths were caused by the negligence of the other driver. Filing a wrongful death claim won’t bring back their loved one, but it may help the family recover the inevitable financial loss associated with a fatal car accident if they prevail in proving that the driver was negligent in causing the death of the victims.