1 Year Later, a Louisiana Family Remembers Fatal Car Wreck

On May 30, 3012, a vehicle containing family and friends on their way home from bible study was slammed into by a drunk driver. The car wreck ended up killing several of the occupants of the car that was hit and put two others on life support. The drunk driver is currently in prison.

The Louisiana driver had just turned 30 years old and had been out celebrating by drinking before he decided to get in his car and drive. That decision has destroyed not only the two families who lost loved ones that day, but also the family of the drunk driver. The damage was so significant that one of the women killed in the accident was not able to have an open casket at her funeral.

The driver was sentenced to a term of 70 years in a Louisiana prison with a possibility of parole after serving 35 years. That’s 10 years for each of the victims that died that night. However, shortly after Mother’s Day, the man’s petition to the court to have his sentence shortened was granted. Instead of 10 years per victim, the man will now be serving five years per victim and could be freed inside of 30 years.

The families of the victims of this senseless car wreck are less than pleased with a justice system they believe failed them and their loved ones. The family says it will continue to push for answers to their questions as to why the man seems to have gotten off easy for killing seven people. Both families may also exercise their civil remedies such as wrongful death claims and personal injury suits in an attempt to find some sort of peace or closure.